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Hamsa Hand Cutout Necklace w/ Nano Turquoise - Sterling Silver

$ 20.00 $ 59.90

Silver hamsa necklace with nano turquoise stones. This hamsa silhouette necklace with cut-out hamsa hand on a sterling silver disc and nano turquoise stones. It can be adjusted from 16.73 inch (42.50cm) to 18.50 inch (47cm) with the additional extender chain.

The hand is a universal sign of protection, it is known that the hamsa hand charms will protect you from the evil eye. Give you happiness, luck, health and good fortune.

Weight: 4.50 g / 0.16 oz

Dimension: Width 2.30 cm / 0.91 in | Height 2.30 cm / 0.91 in

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